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CRA Scores System

Send date: 2016/12/5 14:29:32 Publisher:CRALIFT

Asa member of CRA, you need to know these as the following:

What is the CRA Score?

Itis the criterion of your activity degree in CRA.

What can you do with CRA Scores?

CRAScore can be used as money in your orders.

How can you get CRA Score?

1.Join us

2.Recommend your friends

3.Place orders

4.Provide some valuable comments

ScoresExchange Rules:

1.Register in CRA as free member, you can get 60 points.

2.Register in CRA as VIP, you can get 80 points.

3.Recommend one of your friends and give us his/her information, you can get 20points.

4.Each 10 usd in your placed order can be exchanged to 1 score

5.Each 10 scores can be used as 1 usd in your next order.


PS: if there is any question, please contactwith online service.